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We are ready to help you in answer any questions.

Contact Us

We are ready to help you in answer any questions.



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Frequently Asked Questions

At the beginning, there is always a question.

Why Pliano?

Pliano is a comPLIANce tool for law firms and in-house lawyers. As we already have the .com at end of the domain, we decided to skip it at the start of the name. On top of that, Pliano sounds smooth and friendly – and that’s how the experience with us should be!

○ How To Get Started With it?

To make sure you get us much value as possible from our features, we prefer to introduce you to Pliano in-person over a screen-sharing conference. If you would like to play around in the system by yourself, we have setup a demo-environment with a few fictional cases and real workflows.

An Introduction is always free.

○ Why should I use a case management system to enforce my intellectual property online?

To be honest, if you only deal with a handful of online cases per year, you probably don’t need a software to assist you. But if you have to deal with dozens and hundreds of cases, you can save a lot of time by using automation for rendering templates with case variables, identifying intermediaries, logging case work, observing open cases for changes, reporting to relevant stakeholders and filtering through all your work.

○ What can I use Pliano for?

You can use Pliano for all kinds of repetitive work that involves sending emails regarding online compliance issues or reporting complaints to internet service providers.

○ Is Pliano also for brands with few cases?

For small firms with a handful of cases, we suggest that you outsource the enforcement work to a specialist such as ThomsenTrampedach (TT). Their experience allows for fast addressing with appropriate enforcement actions also in complicated cases.