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All you need to enforce your rights online.

Features and Users

All you need to enforce your rights online.

All Cases in Pliano


Your marketing department did not read the internal trademark policy, your supplier uses an old logo. A distributor advertises in an unauthorized geography or creates a social media profile while excessively using your brand.

Then there are counterfeits on marketplaces and the annoying domain registrations used for phishing.

Luckily, you can deal with all that and much more in Pliano.

Actionable Data


Pliano automatically collects screenshots, IP changes, domain owner changes and logs all actions taken on each case.

Features List


Detailed Case Description

Automatically add hosting provider, registrar and registrant to your case details.



View progress with enforcement from a dashboard.


Global Enforcement

Pre-made enforcement mechanisms for over 100 social media platforms and market places.

Unlimited Users

Add client users to communicate about cases or have colleagues join to assist enforcing.


Intermediary Actions

Not every hosting provider accepts your complaint via an e-mail channel. We have a database with hundreds of registrars and hosting providers and the relevant enforcement path is automatically suggested when they appear in your case.


Pattern Recognition

Pliano understands that some cases can be addressed simultaneously.


Automated Client Reports

Send reports to clients with all cases that require their attention.



Customize workflows so you always have the right set of emails ready to address each case.

“A versatile automation tool serving all your online compliance needs”

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